Toys were better in the old days…

In studio recently we’ve been discussing the joy of old toys from our childhoods.

There has been some absolute beauties! – First up @studio_dmd resident Racehorse, Helen. Despite once sporting a perm so large she could barely fit it in her classic mini, as a child she tickled the ivories with Rolf Harris’ Casio VL-tone. 1 of these bad boys would set you back £49.99! in the 70s! (Wasn’t she privileged?!) Sadly, a career in music was not meant to be – you dont know what you missed out there Bananarama.

Beautiful music was made here. Fact.

Second up – the baby of the studio – @hellokatydesign Katy remembers vividly receiving her Casio JD-6000 Dear Diary (see a dominant brand theme here?) one snowy Christmas morning in the early 90’s ) enabling her to organise all her social events at the age of 11. As you know, at that age you have a diary busier than that of Sir Alan Sugar’s. There was also a handy matchmaking tool where if you added your name and your beau’s a percentage score of love was produced – that’s technology you just don’t get from

The Casio JD-6000 – essential life organiser for the pre-teen.

Thirdly – Studio’s @littlebakesHQ Jill warmly remembers dragging her RainbowBright doll around by her hair in a similar fashion to that of Beckys treatment of Tracey on Coronation Street. Little and cute (and that’s just Jill) she also she remembers receiving her favorite friend on a snow covered Christmas day, better than a pony some may say…

At last but at by no means least the toy loved by all – Studio Manager’s Dean (who still plays with this childhood toy) spent many an hour creating masterpieces with his Lego blocks. Before graduating to that of the more technical Mechano.

Below is a visualisation of how Dean may have been back in these times…

It would be simple to say that the youth of today have it all, iphone and computer technologies such as the wii, xbox 360 and ipad have surpassed all Christmas gift list popularity. But at what price? Gone are the days these beautifully designed toys were at the pinnacle of very child’s imaginative fueled day. Bring them back we say, it did us creatives no harm.




Katy’s Norwegian Cruise

DMD’s Katy only went off on a blinkin fancy cruise this summer to Norway!! Whilst there she called by at the Norwegian Printing Museum in the beautiful small town of Stavanger. Not only is it a quaint little museum of all letterpress pieces from days gone by, it features lovely prints, past machinery and you can even have drinks and Norwegian waffles. (What’s not to like?!)

Norwegian Printing Museum

Needless to say it’s a graphic designers dream and with letterpress becoming an ever popular retro-trend she went a bit crazy with her snaps. But we agree these brilliant pieces were too good to miss!

Visit the Norwegian Printing Museum website.