Accurate and attractive photography plays an essential role in creating the right impression for high-quality sales collateral and other printed or visual productions.

So what can be done if you need to change an image, either for commercial or aesthetic reasons? 

Retouch and correct

We offer a qualified photo retouching and correction service for professional agencies, designed to achieve the perfect image, every time. This can range from correcting simple image blemishes such as red-eye reduction or removing gum and water marks from an expanse of paving, or could be as extensive as adding new elements into an existing scene – seamlessly and naturally.

For some applications, it can be faster and more cost-effective to photographically retouch an existing 3D rendered model than to re-render an entire scene – particularly important when meeting production deadlines.

Colour correction and image improvement

We can accept imagery from professionals for treatment such as colour correction, as well as making quality improvements to images, providing cut-outs or even refining images taken on phone cameras.

Whatever the requirement, we will assess the work required, advise on what is realistically possible and supply a fixed price quote for the job.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.