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Original 3D rendered house image supplied by the client

The original Illustration above was supplied to us as a flat bitmap file. It had been originally produced in 3D by an agency who was no longer on the scene. There wasn’t an editable 3D or illustrator file available to us for editing so any new details would have to be created from what was already in the scene using Photoshop.

The client essentially wanted to showcase new building products within their range including flashing, permeable roofing membrane and insulation materials.

A pitch roof added to the garage

To start with, perspective and vanishing points were established to use as a guide for accuracy when creating the building’s new features. Pieces of sample materials were also created, two-dimensionally, flat on to create a palette of textures to work with. See the example texture below.

BPD brick Work Texture

In the first of 2 illustrations required a pitched roof was added over the garage and the porch. This was to show off the new flashing products available from BPD. The existing cutout on the side of the house was also filled in as this detail wasn’t required for this version.

To create the two pitched roofs, samples of material were taken from the flat 2D textures previously created. These were copied, distorted in 3D and stitched together to provide enough of an expanse to form the new garage side brick work and tiled pitched roofs.

A new apex added to the front of the house

In the second illustration, a new front left-hand apex was added to the house to show a new cutaway area. This featured layers of insulation which account for many sales in the client’s portfolio of building products. Other details were added including the company’s permeable roofing membrane which allows the house to breathe but not let external water penetrate the building.

Two brand new illustrations created entirely in photoshop. Do you have a project like this that we could help with? Find out more about our photographic retouching services.