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When you’re marketing some of Britain’s finest shower enclosures and associated products, you really want your brand to represent premium quality and elegance. The stature of the brand is key.

.dilusso is the UK arm of an existing company, developing upmarket, high end showering products. The organisation was seeking to create a brand with power and gravitas, reflecting the approach adopted by premium consumer brands and also capable of working as a simple typeface for selected applications to ensure instant recognition.

Added complications were inherent in the fact that at the time of brand creation, the products existed only as design concepts and had not yet been manufactured, necessitating the production of 3D imagery for use as visuals to help with asset creation. Constantly evolving product specifications also meant that assets created had to accommodate change during the process.

With a selection of ranges and product portfolios on offer, the challenge was to design assets to appeal to buyers across a set of differing demographics, from family homes through to cool city loft spaces. Using a cleverly designed products benefit ‘icon’ approach, the assets were also intended to ‘upsell’ from page to page and range to range.

And all of these assets had to be in place for a given launch date, including website, brochures, point of sale and box packaging.

It was a challenge from both a creative and a time point of view, but the end result has fulfilled all the requirements and the .dilusso brand now sits proudly amongst the best on the market.