Added on June 20, 2022 Category Branding

The brief for this project was to promote a new species of high technology wood on behalf of International Timber. Known as Accoya, the product was new to the market, and International Timber was keen to share information on the benefits of this engineered softwood.

DMD began by researching the product in association with International Timber, to establish key messages, preferred formats and budgets. The copy team at DMD then produced an internal outline for the proposed brochure, followed by more detailed copy to highlight the benefits and potential applications.

The creative team then discussed how all these applications could best be illustrated to introduce and highlight uses for Accoya in the outdoor environment. It was decided that images of potential applications with labels would be the clearest approach.

The brochure was then designed using both existing and outsourced imagery, adhering to the strict brand guidelines set out by international Timber, and acknowledging the brand style of Accoya within the pages.

This was a digital project, and smart design meant that sections of the brochure could be revisited to increase their relevance to different potential markets as the Accoya name gained traction, including international targets.