Added on June 22, 2017 Category Branding

Marshalls Design Space graphic assets

So what is Marshalls Design Space? In an increasingly busy city full of distractions, Marshalls Design Space provides a place for clients and designers to avoid the active London scene and focus. A place to design, learn, collaborate and be inspired, to create better spaces in line with Marshalls’ stated commitment.

The space has been created specifically with architects and designers in mind with a wide range of materials in various finishes on display to help inspire and assist them in making specification decisions.

Architects and designers are welcome to drop in anytime to view materials, speak to materials experts, use the hot desks, or simply for a cup of coffee. The space also features two bookable meeting rooms both with audiovisual equipment.

Our role was to create the new logo and identity for Marshalls Design Space. It was essential that the logo should work both as a standalone design and used in a box. It also had to mirror other logos and design concepts used across the Marshalls brand.

Open since 2015, Marshalls Design Space is now acting as a catalyst for an open dialogue about design.