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Marshalls Pocket Guide

Marshalls supplies literally thousands of different products designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of domestic driveway and garden landscaping projects. Most of these projects are carried out by qualified installers who are part of the Marshalls Register of Installers, whose work is subject to scrutiny and approval by Marshalls’ own inspectors across the UK to guarantee the highest quality end results using Marshalls products.

This special compact product guide was conceived and compiled to provide these installers with a quick, easy and comprehensive reference of all Marshalls’ driveway, garden landscape products and accessories, allowing installers to help their customers to make informed choices for their garden landscape and driveway projects, with a full range of colour swatches and images showing products in situ.

In addition, at a glance, the pocket guide provides installers with information on product specifications and sizes, as well as tips and guidelines on installation, in a handy and manageable ring bound format. Details on relevant stone standards, a paving planner and signposting to additional resources on the Marshalls website complete the picture.

At the back of the publication, technical drawings and full guidance on installation requirements make this a vital information source for Marshalls Register installers across the UK.