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Close up of Mississippi freestanding bath

Sunstone Acrylic Bath

Coral Whirlpool Bath With Water

When Royce Morgan, manufacturers of high end bathroom fittings such as free standing stone baths, were looking to address the sophisticated UK market with a new product portfolio, they tasked the DMD team with refreshing their brand and creating new sales collateral to adequately reflect the quality and calibre of their product range.

Our designers looked first at recreating the logo to match requirements, developing a new style using simple yet striking typography in keeping with the brand values.

British manufacturing and British quality were important issues for Royce Morgan. DMD designed a new product brochure around recognisably British themes, using a colour palette based on traditional yet subtle and sophisticated paint shades.

Maintaining the focus on the elegance of the products was achieved by keeping copy to a minimum and using carefully designed icons to express necessary information and technical detail.

All imagery used in the brochure was created using 3D rendering techniques, offering a cost effective and flexible way of presenting the products plus the scope to create varying and desirable interiors to match the lifestyle expectations.

The end result is a high quality product brochure now being used to support sales of Royce Morgan products across the UK.