Added on June 22, 2022 Category Branding
Web Design

IPS Group required a new identity, website and literature for their standalone ‘Rubberfuse’ brand. Rubberfuse is a single ply membrane that’s used for roofing schemes throughout the UK and beyond.

A simple word mark design with a bespoke font was chosen over a more graphical asset. The previous European incarnation had been quite a complicated design. This new version would be icon independent suitable for use on a range of company assets including product packaging.

The green and black colourway was also chosen to help promote the new products more environmental leanings. These were also reflected in the original icons developed as part of the website design.

The website was fully scoped prior to the design and build. This involved iterative sitemap creation, page level keyword discovery and original copy writing.

The design of the website reflected the simplicity of the logo. Information is presented in a logical order where the user can dig deeper if they require more in-depth information.

The resulting design also included original photography undertaken on site and in the studio. Plus, photography from previous Rubberfuse roofing schemes.

Company certification, warranty information, extensive product specifications plus FAQ’s all helped to increase the trust of the product offering and how users would interact with the responsive website.

Producing case study and blog content further reinforces the company as a legitimate concern. These have been complimented with original drone photography of some of the larger building schemes that the Rubberfuse brand is involved with.

There is a desire from the business owners to rank the website for the most significant keywords related to the niche. Achieving this will generate traffic and rankings.

To that end we have undertaken an ongoing internet marketing campaign and since starting that in March 2022 have achieved steady progress with website exposure and keyword rankings. 6 targeted keywords now rank in the top 10 positions with another 5 high traffic keywords about to break into the top ten also.