A technically sound website is the foundation for any online marketing campaign. Offering visitors a good user experience and search engines the means to index your website is vital.

As a business owner, you might also want to understand whether your existing website is worth investing in or whether you should start from scratch.

A technical website audit using tools such as AHrefs will reveal the most serious issues on your website. Most if not all websites have at least a handful of issues. These can include broken internal and external links, slow pages, 404 errors, links to insecure pages and missing SEO meta titles and descriptions.

The report can present the findings in an easy-to-understand graphical style with a health score providing an overall understanding of the situation.

AHrefs technical audit and health score dashboard
ahrefs technical website audit dashboard

It’s also important to look at the website holistically. Check the copy for spelling errors, ensure information is presented in a logical manner and check that forms and all major functionality is working as expected.

For a small fee, DMD can supply a report of all these issues. This will be accompanied by a recommended plan of action, plus a suggested budget to fix them all. Should you decide to go ahead the website audit fee will be waived.